About Bobby

…and Author, Steven Donaldson & Illustrator Lisa Blary


Steven Donaldson

Steven Donaldson is a writer and owner of THE BIG RED BUS COMPANY in Hollywood, California. Steven has experienced first hand the positive and genuine love for these iconic red London Double Decker buses. Steven decided, based on his years of experience, to create a character that children worldwide could love and enjoy. So he wrote a bedtime story. Here he is, “THE ADVENTURES OF BOBBY THE BIG RED BUS.”

Illustrator - LISA BLARY

Lisa Blary, illustrator, is a French actress and artist living in Los Angeles. Lisa dedicates this, her first illustrated children’s book, too her daughter Sarah, who loves bedtime stories.

Bobby's Mission

Bobby is a happy, wholesome character for all ages.

He brings joy and positivity to everyone he encounters. Kids relate to Bobby like no other and through his adventures will even learn about Bobby’s home town and culture in Great Britain’s greatest city, London, England. Bobby’s good nature is loved by one and all. We hope you and your children will come to adore him as much as we do.


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